Criticism of Ethiopia's violations of human rights
Hika Fekede Dugassa, Ethiopian writer and university lecturer, was present when Ethiopia was the subject of review in the UN Human Rights Council, 6 May 2014. Ethiopia received much criticism for failure to carry out their human rights obligations. Dugassa has written a comprehensive report of the hearing where he also questions whether the hearing makes a difference at all.
The History of Gezi Resistance that was almost not to be is now available On-Line

Did you know that the first person to protest against the destruction of Gezi Park was not among last year's demonstrators but a man who stood up against construction on the park six decades ago?


Norwegian PEN meets Dalai Lama
A delegation of members from  Norwegian PEN and PEN International had a brief meeting with the Dalai Lama this morning during his visit to Oslo. The delegation, Norwegian PEN president William Nygaard,  boardmember Peter Normann Waage and PEN International's Vice President Eugene Schoulgin, welcomed the Dalai Lama to Norway and regretted that the Norwegian government had refused to meet with him.
Do the Chinese control the Norwegian parliament ?  Norwegian politicians place business interests ahead of human rights
Norwegian PEN is concerned that the Norwegian Parliament sets narrow business interests ahead of the interests of human rights and human dignity . We deeply regret that many of our leading politicians, who previously both met the Dalai Lama and supported Tibetan struggle for human rights, now allows the pragmatic to overshadow the principal.
Erdogan bans Twitter
In a desperate attempt to control corruption leaks, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan closed Twitter in Turkey. "I don’t care what the international community says," said Erdogan earlier this week and threatened to stop Twitter. Shortly after Twitter users in Turkey faced major technical problems.
Sochi Winter Olympics Campaign: Out in the Cold
In the last 18 months, Russian lawmakers have signed a number of laws curtailing free speech and dissent. Three laws specifically place a choke hold on the right to express oneself freely, and pose a particular threat to our fellow writers, journalists and bloggers.  During the Games, PEN will be protesting the draconian restrictions placed on free expression in Russia since President Vladimir Putin returned to office in May 2012. 
Criminalization of knowledge

«I have only given a lecture in quantum physics», Celal tells the judge. «How can you make it an offense? You are criminalizing knowledge and science», he points out, not comprehending what he has become a part of.  Read William Nygaard´s and Jørgen Lorentzens eyewitness report from one of the recent mass-trials in Turkey.

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Writers in Prison
  • Ales Bialiatski
  • Ragip Zarakolu
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