The Norwegian Cities of Asylum for persecuted writers
Please note!  Below you will find links to informastion about the Norwegian writers´ organizations in Farsi and Arabic

The following writers are or have been guests in the
Norwegian cities of refuge since 1995:

Araz Elses (Aserbaijan)
Mansur Rajih (Yemen)
Mansour Koushan (Iran)
Islam Elsanov (Chechnya)
Chenjeraj Hove (Zimbabwe)
Otba Fathalla Mahmoud
Manal Al-Sheik

Iyad Ibrahim Rikabi (Iraq)
Carlos Sherman (Belarus)
Salah S. Ali (Iraq)
Le Ba Diem Chi (Vietnam)

Soudabeh Alishahi (Iran)
Aziz Sangtarash (Iran)
Kosar Fattahi (Iranian Kurdistan)
Philo Ikonya (Kenya)

Musa Mutaev (Chechnya)
Jihan Kareem
Asieh Aminin

Easterine Iralu (Nagaland/India)
Mohammed Hassan Abdullah

Gilles Dossou-Gouin (Benin)
Nada Yousif (Iraq)
Ammar Tassaei

Basim Mardan (Iraq)
Safaa Alwan
Abduallahi Muhiaddin (Somalia)

Ayaz Khonsyawashan (Iranian Kurdistan, from 01.01.08)
Hossein Heidary (Iranian Kurdistan)
Lokeesan Apputhurai (Sri Lanka)

Francisca Prudence Uriri (Zimbabwe)

Please note
: Some writers are not listed due to safety reasons.

The cities in the network are obligated to host a persecuted writer and his family, supplying free housing and an adequate remuneration to cover costs of living for a period of one to two years.  From 2001 the Norwegian state through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs covers NOK 100.000 (about USD 13.000 based on current rate, april 2003) for each writer every year.

Norwegian PEN is responsible for the administration of this subsidy and also serves as consultant to the Ministry, the cities and the writers and facilitates contact between the Ministry and the cities. Norwegian PEN is also the official organization nominating writers to ICORN when a Norwegian city is ready to host a new writer.

ICORN - the International Cities of Refuge Network is based in Stavanger, Norway, and is a network of cities all over the world.  You can read more about ICORN on its website.

You can read information about the "Norwegian Literary System" - our organizations for writers, playwrights, translators, their membership criteria and information about support and scholarships in Farsi and Arabic.

On this link you can find information about what kind of assistance we can offer writers who seek asylum in Norway outside the ICORN-system. 
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