International work
The point of departure is, of course, the terrorist attacks against the United States on 11th September last year. The point of departure also is that a society, a country or a nation of course has a right to defend itself against such attacks. But not in any way whatsoever.
In April 2002, a Scandinavian delegation went to Turkey to observe a couple of trials against literature and freedom of expression. According to the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey, which is a Turkish organization, there were 456 such trials in the country during the year 2001.
Report from a seminar 21. January 2002.  Organized by Norwegian PEN in cooperation with the Norwegian Union of Journalists, Norwegian Non-fiction Writers and Translators Association, The Department of Media and Communications - University of Oslo.  Supported financially by Fritt Ord.
More than 100 musicians, musicologists, producers, journalists and human rights defenders from 25 countries worldwide convened in Copenhagen on the last weekend of September in order to lecture, discuss, present cases and hear personal testimonies concerning the state of music censorship in 2002.
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